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Our Program

What makes the BICF program special?

BICF makes a commitment to send selected students to high-quality residential camps for five consecutive summers.

For the first three years in our program, campers attend a two- or three-week overnight nature camp in the NC Mountains, allowing them to experience the natural world and life outside their urban neighborhoods. The last two years in our program, older campers attend two weeks of overnight camp at UNC Greensboro’s All Arts, Science & Technology Camp, which introduces them to college and life on campus.

BICF is deeply involved in the camper selection process and works directly with teachers and school personnel to guarantee the most well suited students are selected for our program.

BICF provides year-round enrichment opportunities like a nature hike, swimming lessons, a half-day computer camp, community service activities, cultural outings, and other positive life experiences.

All of our campers come from low-income families who would otherwise not be able to afford the experiences and opportunities BICF provides for their children.

Our mentors build a personal relationship with each camper and stay involved with camper families each summer and throughout the year. Many mentors develop lasting relationships with their campers and some have even remained into high school years with academic assistance, college applications, even job placement.